The weather as a mirror?

For Humans the weather is obviously important, as some have hardly any other subject. Previously the weather determined life and survival. Today, it is in turmoil, like many of us.

Whoever is able to gain something from the thought of Paracelsus "microcosm of human equal macrocosm world" will hardly be surprised. In the desert country Australia torrential rains flooded huge areas almost as big as the size of British Columbia. Weather related landslides in Sri Lanka and Brazil buried hundreds of people under masses of earth due to immense rainfall. It looks like the weather is out of the ordinary at many places.

Greenland and the Arctic are melting and in Bali the rainy season has become a permanent fixture. Europe is taking to the extreme, recently they had tornados and in Greenland the midnight sun rose two days ahead of schedule.

Even scientists now take note that the North Pole wobbles around quite a bit.
At least we are used to the continuous-cast-in-Grey that decreases the mood in our countries.

For the science believers the statistics of large reinsurance groups, companies that insure insurance companies, are impressive as they designated 2010 as disaster year. The weather is as confused as the people.

They are not quite out of their role as the bees that quietly and almost secretly getting extinct - so casually- . Whether it is insecticides, herbicides or genetically altered plants is still unclear, they die anyway. Since they carry out 80 % of the pollination it will be less in flourish on earth in the future.

But what will flourish for us? Einstein, the physicist has predicted that 7 years after the bee's man will be dying too. No idea how he got that, no idea if it's true but it is not a good sign. We have signed by Avaaz, of course! Could we do something else?

The newest Food scandal in Germany also shows how confused people are - how many were there actually ? Dioxin, one of the strongest poisons, was smuggled into the food chain through over 150,000 tons of animal feed. As I am vegan, fruit and vegetable fan, I see this misery since decades with personal distance, but medical concern.

Why are there people that adulterate pet food with such poisons? On the surface, hoping not to be caught. But why can they hope for that? Because it usually happens in the context of such large Corporations, that never get caught and risk everything for their profits. The conglomerates that stand behind the pet food industry, the animal factories and the food farms, the "food" industry as a whole, have no conscience. Corporations generally have none, and that's not just their fault. Their only goal is profit maximization. People that make them possible change in their favor.

Such scandalous only happen if we entrust ourselves and our health to corporations. If individual farmers grow food for individual people they know these kinds of things never happen. But if alienation of life comes into play, it becomes problematic and good things change into bad ones or bring poor results. How good is the idea of a small solidarity in a manageable company? In good times everybody puts back for a bad time of individuals. The long proven model of health insurance. As long as the company stays small and consequently the number of members remains manageable, it works wonderful. But as soon as the company grows to a corporation and the staff doesn't know each other anymore some will start to exploit the solidarity and ultimately to defraud. We find this principle everywhere.

As soon as groups or companies grow into the unmanageable, not all the people that compose it behave responsible anymore in the hope to enrich themselves at the cost of the community.
For this reason, William Gore the entrepreneur behind Gore-Tex, never tolerated that one of his companies grew beyond 200 staff. No sooner that the magic number was reached he had a new building build and another small company was created. Soldiers know how bad units function when they are larger than 150 men. Mennonites and Amish don't let their villages grow larger than 150 residents.

But obviously we live in a time of megalomania, political entities like the US and China take over the political power, the corporation's the economics. The responsibility of the individual sinks to frightening levels. Chains of command become blurred, mistakes get covered up and the results are bad. Initially not for the economy but for the humans quite quickly. So there could be still a lot to come. The pharmaceutical industry controls the medicine for some time now and the food companies our diet. USA and EU have already banned the cultivation of proven herbs and plants for centuries. The pharma industry is grateful. And the governments control the food industry so careless that these scandals are possible again and again.

What can the individual do? First of all I would advise everybody to come in order with themselves, learn the "laws of fate" and to take care of their soul to ultimately help to build a healthier and more responsible field. Of course it is appropriate to sign at Avaaz against the death of bees and other poisons. It would also be wonderful to take this opportunity to switch to a vegan diet. I'll dispatch many more arguments for that in a new book in the summer. And from the above said it would be logical to eat real food as much as possible from local producers and not through the large food chains.

And it would be wonderful if you would work on a new field that I would like to call "field of infectious health". So that such scandals become rare and eventually impossible. In the future I hope there will also be other reliable ways to follow this new path in more and more cities. Ideally decentralized networks could develop in your town or at least close by that make it possible to build new fields of all kind with like minded and similar thinking humans. If the basics of the "original principles" and the "laws of fate" are true, the constructive solutions will design themselves. Also, even large corporations and political entities have only as much power as we entrust to them (see Egypt).

The more we are locally organized and work together in a straight forward context, the more we are independent from the power of anonymous and irresponsible corporate groups and their political henchman.

What prevents you from thinking responsible for everybody and to share your knowledge with people from your immediate family environment, your neighborhood, and your company, to win them for this field? This could therefore start with sending them this newsletter to motivate them to learn the "laws of fate" or to learn this new common language of the "original principles" that makes so much possible from true prevention to the skilful handling of intentions.

The step to a "field of infectious health" with real (inter)national relevance may seem big, but a great journey begins with one step. Quite often we see how small the world is. Just recently we met the building contractor, that we had chosen together with our architect, without knowing him personally, "accidently" in a tiny town in Indonesia. A chance a lot smaller than winning a large lottery. In reality the world isn't that small, it is the law of resonance that is so strong that makes her size often relative.

Africans say when one is dreaming it's a dream but when many dream it becomes reality. We don't have to remain in a constant heteronymous nightmare and scare ourselves from one food scandal to the next financial crisis. We can dream ourselves and start a building a new field. You, in your area?

If you forward this newsletter you risk nothing. If you win your friends and acquaintances for a new field, everybody wins and I'm happy and thank you

Your Ruediger Dahlke