Our new seminar centre - TamanGa

A haven of tranquility, nestled in the heart of nature, “Taman Ga” has been designed as a vegan-based seminar centre and communal living co-operative.

A year in the planning, followed by a 14-month construction period, but as with any major building project, there are still many finishing touches to be completed, for example, the decorative plants.

Thanks to the efforts of the previous owners, however, the property can boast a 30-year history of environmentally-sustainable organic cultivation methods, which we, of course, intend to continue.

Seminar participants and long-term residents who currently live in the TamanGa community are treated to nutritious, organic wholefood cuisine, entirely free of animal products. This wholesome diet is further complemented by special water treatment procedures to remove the limescale common in the region.

Meals can be enjoyed surrounded by lush greenery in our conservatory, on our two terraces or in our cosy inner courtyard. An old, vaulted wine cellar also provides an inviting atmosphere for sampling vegan wine and celebrating special occasions.

At present, at least half of the ingredients used come directly from our own organic farm and extensive herb garden. The rest is sourced from organic farmers in the local region. In the future, we are aiming for 70 to 80% self-sufficiency, which, together with our strict system of waste separation and recycling, will help to ensure long-term environmental sustainability.

TamanGa offers all of the facilities expected of a modern-day seminar centre. In addition, the main seminar hall and 37 hotel rooms, providing accommodation for up to 72 visitors, reflect our careful attention to energetic aspects. The parquet flooring and roofing materials, for example, have been encoded with vibrational patterns from places of high spiritual power.

In between seminars, a Kneipp pool and several natural bathing ponds that are filtered using an innovative system of algae cultures and heated with solar energy supported by photovoltaic technology form part of the many relaxing recreational offerings available both in and around the centre.

Further details regarding the various health-related seminars offered at the centre can be found at www.dahlke.at and www.taman-ga.at.

We look forward to your visit.